white holster side pocket with tools
grey side holster pocket with tools
white front holster pocket with tools
holster side pockets in black, grey and white
Alice wearing Hoydens trousers with grey Hoyster side pocket.
white holster side pocket
black holster side pocket
grey side holster pocket
white holster front and side pockets with makeup
grey holster front and side pocket with gardening tools
white holster front and side pockets

Hoyster Side Pocket

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Every profession needs to carry different tools in their pockets but don't always need the tools immediately to hand. Annie came up with an idea which she has been testing at work over the last year, which we have named Hoysters.  These are pockets with can be attached to the belt loops with clips at the front, or on the sides.  Hoysters are made from the same fabric as the trousers and can be washed the same.  Hoysters do not require a belt and can be unclipped when not required, leaving you free to drive or catch the bus or just have a lunch break in comfort.

If you use sharp or heavy tools, try the Hoyster Pro, or for even more endurance try the Hoyster Extreme, coming soon.

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