Laura wearing grey holster front pocket with grey trousers size 14
Sophie in studio, side view.
Sophie in studio, front view.
Sophie in studio, back view.
Sophie in studio, side view.
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size 16, side view.
front view size 16
side view size 16
back view, size 16

Hoyden Trousers Grey

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The first pair of trousers being launched by Hoydens have deep front and back pockets and a good-sized thigh pocket which can fit a smart phone with cover.  

The trousers have a natural waist line and have been designed to ensure that there is plenty of room in the hips and around the thighs without being too baggy around the knees and ankles.  There is a small bit of elastic in the centre back to ensure everything stays covered when bending down or crouching. 

The fabric is a mid-weight, tough poly-cotton with stretch to ensure comfort when moving around.  They can be industrially washed up to 75 C, is resistant to chemicals and heat and won’t shrink in the dryer.  

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