Meet Annie

Annie Bowman Founder of Hoydens

Working Women

When I started painting and decorating ten years ago, I had no idea my journey would lead me to launching the Hoydens range of workwear for women.  I entered the profession as a mum of two young children who wanted more control over her own life, and the ability to balance ‘office hours’ with school hours.  I’m here now as part of the movement to cement a woman’s place on the construction site, and everywhere we want to be.

Women's Movement

For me, Hoydens trousers and pockets are a big part of this movement.  My own experience, and that of female colleagues over the years, brought to light an uncomfortable truth.  For all the success we have had in proving ourselves as capable workers, there is little reflection of our contribution in the available workwear.  At first, it was relatively amusing that as a 5’11” woman I was having to wear the same overalls as my 5’2” partner, but with time the amusement turned to frustration.  I have tried everything to ‘have it all’; comfort, professionalism, style, and I have been left disappointed. Painters and decorators by no means suffer alone, I have heard from plumbers, electricians, and numerous other trades that this is an almost universal struggle.

A Helping Hand

This is where Hoydens comes in. Nothing should stop a woman from achieving professional success in any job she chooses.  I make trousers that help, rather than hinder.  They will not solve all the world’s problems but I hope that our world can become a little easier for women who just want to do a good job.  At the very least, I hope to increase recognition that women work in these spaces too.

We Need You!

We want the products we make to be user led and developed.  In the near future we want to make sure that there are 2 or 3 different fits for different body shapes, alternative designs with kneepad pockets and 2 different lengths of shorts.  In the long term we want to provide comfortable, functional PPE for women with including tops, jackets and footwear.  Because Hoydens trousers offer comfort, freedom of movement, security and a professional appearance we can envisage them being worn by women who work in the trades or places such as factories, shops or warehouses. They are also smart enough for site visits or visiting customer's homes.

Thank you for taking time to engage with Hoydens and I wish you all the best in your endeavours whatever you are doing.