Our Values

Family Run

We are a family business based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.  We appreciate honest direct speak and will endeavour to speak honestly and directly to as many people as possible and above all be friendly and kind.

Body Image

We are highly aware of how women can feel about their body image and support the "Be Real Campaign".  We aim to raise the self esteem of women at work through practical clothing designs that enhance the professionalism and comfort of our customers.  As soon as we can, we aim to have more photos of real women to model the products, we will be looking especially for women of all sizes, shapes, and of course black and ethnic minorities.  


The factory we use is in Portugal and follows the Ethical Trading Initiative.  This covers many things including freedom of work, living wages, hours and working conditions.   As it's in Europe they are bound by all the EU laws and the Portuguese government require factory audits every 3 months.  I am really keen to make sure that the women who benefit from our trousers are as important as the women (and men) who make our trousers.  


Like many conscientious companies, we aim to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Our supply chain is kept as short and as close to our core customer base as possible, we work to minimise waste and choose raw material suppliers that have similar ethics to us. We are not yet perfect but will strive to implement continuous improvements to reduce our carbon footprint.


At Hoydens we value your opinions and need your feedback to help us improve the products and anticipate your future needs.  We aim to reply to all your feedback personally within a few days.